Thursday, November 13, 2014

learn everyday one new concept

"adding everyday one new thing, just like adding skills on your account."

   Those who wants desire to learn something then it will be good, if they learn at least one new concept or thing every day because not only it gives more knowledge,skills and also gives more satisfaction on every day.

                           transforms to a innovative leader

           If you learn anything at one time then it takes time and understanding of a concept could be difficult but if your interested to learn things everyday then it will become so easy to achieve it.

                                         can you do it?

     i think most of the time we do different activities over period of the time even at the same time we need to spend few minutes to learn new thing certainly it brings positiveness on your life then it makes big difference among thousands of people so make  learning is a habit is very necessary now a  days.

               for doing this you need to follow certain steps

                      1) fix schedule to learn new things
                      2) use web resources to gain new things
                      3) refer books
                      4) fallow lecturers and seniors who know the best things
                      5) use all your limited resources/alternative resources
                      6) update each thing and refer further time
                      7) understand present trends and estimate further trends
                      8) think creatively and do the things innovative things
                      9) take initiation
                     10) test and compare your results
                     11) do modification
                     12) achieve your ultimate goal.